We stand for choice, enriched with value.

Why choice is
important to us.

At MoveDynamics, we understand the power of choice and the importance of value. We are built on the belief that choice empowers. Our commitment is to offer you the best of both worlds—the liberty to select services that perfectly fit your unique needs, coupled with the guarantee of exceptional value.

Why value is
important to us.

Choosing MoveDynamics means opting for a partner that places exceptional value at the forefront. We believe that true value lies not just in the products and services we offer, but in how they align with your unique needs. With our bespoke relocation management solutions providing the best of both worlds, you step into a realm where choice and value are inseparable.

Who we’re here for and why we’re passionate about helping.


MoveDynamics takes pride in building lasting relationships of respect and trust. We’ve served many of the nation’s premier governmental bodies and agencies, fostering partnerships that span decades.


We provide highly personalised relocation management services tailored to support many of the nation’s essential frontline workers, ensuring a smooth transition to their new placements.


MoveDynamics partners with a broad range of approved removal and ancillary service providers, many of whom are SME businesses servicing remote and regional areas. This ensures the benefits from State and Commonwealth government procurement projects flow to all tiers of the Australian economy.

Our leadership team

Petar Ralevski
General Manager
Petar Ralevski is the General Manager of MoveDynamics and is responsible for managing all aspects of the business. Petar has held a variety of senior leadership positions in the removals industry for over 20 years, including offshore, international sales, state, and regional management. Ever since assuming the role of General Manager in 2017, he has spearheaded the growth of MoveDynamics’ service portfolio while persistently seeking innovative solutions for both current and prospective clients.
Raquel Biskup
Operations Manager
Raquel Biskup expertly manages our network providers, ensuring they enhance their operations and comply with evolving laws and industry standards. Her deep knowledge and experience in supplier management is complemented by a steadfast commitment to precision and high standards of excellence. Recently, Raquel has been instrumental in advancing the MoveDynamics operating platform and user interface, significantly contributing to its ongoing evolution and improvement. Her leadership and strategic vision continue to strengthen our network and enhance our service delivery.
Taylor Marks
Service Delivery Manager
Taylor Marks leads our relocation team and is responsible for maintaining our internal and contractual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). A results-oriented and self-motivated professional, Taylor brings substantial expertise in customer service, characterised by her meticulous attention to detail. Her proactive stance and clear, articulate communication style are bolstered by her exceptional interpersonal skills and liaison capabilities. Taylor effectively engages and coordinates with all organisational levels, ensuring efficiency and excellence in our relocation services.

Learn how Charles Darwin University attracts talent.

The ability to simply jump online and get all of my services from one platform, as well as having the same coordinator organise my life as I moved my family to the NT from Sydney and completely stress free felt that I was cared for and appreciated by CDU made me want to achieve more.

History and GCW connection

MoveDynamics is a wholly owned subsidiary of GCW Holdings which is one of Australia’s largest diversified information management and moving logistics organisations. Originating in 2001, our relocation procurement management business has since gained the trust of many of Australia’s leading government and corporate entities.

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