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Even though academics are seasoned professionals who probably have some experience moving, it’s crucial to keep in mind that there are a lot of factors to take into account, all of which could have an impact on the amount of time and money spent.

The experience is smoother and potential risk and extra expense are reduced by having a relocation management expert with the resources to handle the daily problems. It will also make any partners or family members less stressed, which will improve their experience of travelling to Australia.

“Move Dynamics as a whole did an excellent job. The amount of information, constant changes, and updates to my move were handled with the most professionalism and expertise I’ve ever seen.”

Case Study Challenge

Charles Darwin University has consistently recognized the significance of global recruitment in acquiring the most talented individuals to contribute to our faculties and departments. We strive to attract internationally renowned professors and scientists, as their expertise and stature serve as the cornerstone of our marketing efforts and contribute to the establishment and maintenance of our esteemed reputation within the academic community. A strong research division is crucial for any leading university, and securing top talent often necessitates the relocation of individuals from around the world. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, university mobility was a norm in the higher education sector, allowing institutions to compete for the best candidates by offering attractive opportunities for academic and
professional growth.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic imposed significant restrictions on international mobility, leading to a highly regulated environment globally. Universities faced unprecedented challenges in recruiting foreign and domestic talent, hindering our ability to maintain their upward trajectory. Nevertheless, as we gradually transition into a post-pandemic era, Charles Darwin University, like many others, is intensifying its recruitment efforts to capture exceptional domestic & international candidates.

With borders reopening, university mobility has regained its significance as one of the decisive factors in successfully acquiring foreign talent in an increasingly competitive market. To attract the best candidates, universities are leaving no stone unturned, going beyond budget considerations to address various aspects related to the relocation process. This includes providing comprehensive support not only for the academics themselves but also for their family members, ensuring a smooth transition by assisting with housing arrangements, settling-in services, and addressing other logistical needs.

Recognizing the importance of a holistic approach, Charles Darwin University understands that successful recruitment extends beyond the professional realm. By considering the needs and well-being of not just the academics but also their loved ones, we aim to create an environment that nurtures a sense of belonging and support. By addressing these essential elements of relocation, universities can attract and retain the best candidates, fostering a vibrant and diverse academic community.

  • Provide strategic guidance and tactical support to clients on issues including relocations, real estate transactions, household goods shipments and immigration status.
  • Help mobility earn a seat at the table with HR and Talent Management leaders and crisis teams.


Move Dynamics makes relocating your employees or managing your workplace project logistics simple. With a dedicated Relocation Coordinator on hand to take care of all the details, your job gets a whole lot easier.

1. Log an activation request

Clients of Move Dynamics have access to our user-friendly web portal where they may submit a new request for a workspace, project, or move

2. Approve Quote

They evaluate each tender submission and give you a concise overview so you can make the best choice possible regarding price and quality of service.

3. They take care of the rest

To guarantee that every component of their confirmed package of mobility or project logistics services is examined and implemented, we provide our transferee or site contact with complete support.


Mobility professionals were better prepared, felt more educated, and were ready to take a seat at the table and help with the people, processes, and technology required for success after working with Move Dynamics.

“The ability to simply jump online and get all of my services from one platform, as well as having the same coordinator organise my life as I moved my family to the NT from Sydney and completely stress free felt that I was cared for and appreciated by CDU made me want to achieve more.”

The Result

100% Achievement

in completing all relocations and home searches required through

95% Positive Reaction

Satisfaction of our team members who have used or been through the process with Move Dynamics

47% Average cost Savings

Real-time cost savings and cost comparisons to sole-use agreements. In addition to industry innovation.

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