Vault Moving & Storage’s relationship with Move Dynamics

Sam Johnston, the owner-operator of Vault Moving & Storage in Coffs Harbour, embarked on a new chapter when he made the move to the NSW North Coast with his family. Seeking a business opportunity, Sam acquired Coffs Harbour Relocations & Storage and initiated a rebranding process that would shape the future of the company.

Among the pivotal early partnerships formed was the collaboration with MoveDynamics, a connection that opened doors to NSW State Government projects spanning the state. The supplier panel accreditation with MoveDynamics proved to be instrumental for Vault Moving & Storage, enabling the company to tap into a consistent stream of corporate relocation projects year-round. This strategic alliance not only facilitated the establishment of the business but also played a vital role in its expansion. Today, Vault employs a workforce of up to 30 local individuals in Coffs Harbour and operates a burgeoning storage service catering to the entire North Coast region.

For Sam, MoveDynamics served as a catalyst for the rapid development of his venture, particularly during the formative stages. The reliable and punctual monthly receivables from MoveDynamics served as a cornerstone for maintaining healthy cash flow dynamics for Vault Moving & Storage, underscoring the significance of this partnership in the company’s growth trajectory

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