Our partner network is everything.

Collaboration with the removals and relocation industry and other businesses plays a vital role in our success and growth at MoveDynamics. We are dedicated to establishing and upholding long-term ethical and sustainable partnerships with suppliers who share our commitment to responsible and sustainable practices.

What makes us better together

Our Supplier Service Agreement and Code of Conduct sets out the expected behaviours required of our supplier partners, thereby providing a industrywide level playing field. This includes respecting and complying with all applicable employment and workplace laws and regulations, including labour, and child labour laws.

MoveDynamics serves as a vital link for SME suppliers to engage in procurement contracts at both State and Commonwealth levels. With our established relationships and expertise in procurement management, we can ensure that SME suppliers are given equal opportunities to participate in projects and benefit from government procurement.

Our integrated supplier management platform reduces administrative costs when partnering with MoveDynamics. Monthly invoicing and payment processes are audited for accuracy and timeliness, ensuring supplier cash flow stability. The platform features a user-friendly interface for streamlined communication and efficient file management.

Approved suppliers benefit from regular performance insights including customer service satisfaction ratings, lane and volume success reporting, claims analysis and other valuable industry benchmark reporting.

How partnering with MoveDynamics catapulted Vault Moving & Storage's success.

Sam Johnston moved from Sydney to the NSW North Coast seeking a small business opportunity, leading him to purchase and rebrand Coffs Harbour Relocations & Storage as Vault Moving & Storage. One of Sam’s initial corporate partnerships was with MoveDynamics, which provided Vault access to NSW State Government staff relocations across his region.

What value and choice mean for our partners

Our commitment to compliance is more than just adherence to regulations; it’s a testament to the trustworthiness and reliability of our business and our entire supply chain. By partnering with MoveDynamics, you are not only ensuring your own compliance, but also contributing to a larger network of businesses committed to ethical practices.
Transparency in business is more than a buzzword—it’s a commitment to ethical practices that strengthen your relationships with customers and stakeholders. At MoveDynamics, transparency isn’t just part of our culture—it’s embedded in our identity.
Our focus on quality systems, adherence to minimum training standards, and delivering service excellence sets a benchmark for high performing businesses in the relocations sector. We believe in working together to achieve mutual success.

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